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Ammonite fossils are extinct giant invertebrate molluscs found in the Mesozoic era. They received the name of the ancient Egyptian god Amon, who was depicted with twisted horns of a ram, which resembles a spiral-wound shell of many ammonites. They had an outer shell of various shapes, divided into a number of chambers, which were later filled with various minerals, such as agate, jasper, pyrite, symbircite and senghilite.
Hardness may vary depending on the filling of the sink.
Unwinding of energy • Reinforcement • Journey
Betekenis en helende werking
Ammonites are useful when you have to start moving situations that got into stagnation, as their spirals are capable of unwinding forces that were blocked. Traditionally, ammonites have been used in different cultures to attract good fortune and wealth. In combination with other stones, they reinforce their metaphysical properties. Ammonites help to attain a new level in your life. Whenever you have the feeling to walk around in a closed circle, ammonite can help to break the circle and find a way out. It also helps not to make the same mistakes again. Ammonite was considered a symbol of the passing of time and enables to get better feeling of time and to settle more comfortably in it, so that we can choose the right moments for starting and finishing something, in order to be at the right moment in the right place. Ammonite is a symbol of evolution and gradual implementation of the necessary changes. On a physical level, ammonite works positively on the eyes and the hearing sense, activates digestion and can be of help in case of spine problems.

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