Let me explain in a few words why I have included filigree jewels in my collection. As the beauty of Nature is one of my main sources of inspiration. I invite you to go outside. Just pick up a fallen autumn leaf and you ‘ll already admire the delicacy of its veins patterns…

The same organic and complex forms of Nature we can find in the twisted and curved threads of filigree workmanship.

By the way, did you now that the word ‘filigree’ derives from the Latin words “filum” for thread and “granum” for seed?

Inspired by Nature and its creations, the art of filigree is actually one of the oldest craftmanship techniques in the world and today’s jewels may copy traditional vintage aesthetics or feature new, more modern interpretations.

You can also see how it enhances the singular beauty of gemstones set in a filigree frame.

In my next story I’ll give you some more technical details, but I certainly like the idea that you also would be able to see a glimpse of the divine creativity in these ornamental designs, for the delight of your eyes and spirit.