Dear Reader,

I’ve been living more then twenty years in Belgium and I really love and respect this great small country. Yet my roots are Russian. And since my youth I admire the masterpieces of traditional metal craftsmanship in my native country.

In ancient Russia the techniques of artistic metal processing appeared in the 9th century. They blossomed in the 15th to the 16th century. Many craftsmen continue the artistic traditions of the old masters until now.

For those who are interested in these exquisite techniques, please make a search with “Russian filigree” or “Russian skan”.

You have to realize that it takes many years to learn the secrets of Russian filigree and acquire a satisfying level. I certainly like to work with my hands and make my own designs. But was impossible for me to combine this learning process with running a website shop.

That’s why I decided to include handcrafted – but not homemade – Russian filigree items into my gemstone jewelry collection. And to offer them to you at an affordable price.

Hope you enjoy them!