Amethyst is the stone of eternal love and fidelity. The name Amethyst comes from the legend of an unrequited love of the Greco-Roman god Dionysos-Bacchus for a young beauty, Amethystos. Amethystos, unfortunately, was already in love with someone else. But Bacchus did not give up his advances so easily. To help the girl, the Greek goddess Artemis enchanted her into a stone statue of clear quartz. Bacchus was inconsolable and poured wine over the stone statue, which has given the stone its beautiful purple-pink color. Amethyst is fascinating; you can only with difficulty turn your gaze away from it.  Amethyst has a reputation for possessing a magical-attractive energy and is also said to attract the negative energy of someone who looks at the stone with bad thoughts, so that the malicious person forgets his bad intentions. According to legend, Saint Valentine also wore a ring with amethyst.