Smoky Quartz pendant



Triangular handcrafted Smoky Quartz pendant

The Smoky Quartz pendant measures 7.3 cm x 3.3 cm (2.87 x 1.30 inches)

Weight: 26.91 grams

The pendant is delivered with chain.


Smoky Quartz


This gemstone is also called Smoky Crystal


Meaning and healing

Smoky quartz purifies body and mind and is effective against stagnation on a physical and emotional level. It takes away negative emotions and regrets, improves consciousness and releases from negative personal traits and bad habits.

On a mental level, smoky quartz helps against nervousness, hyperactivity and bustling.

On a physical level, it is said to work against inflammations and swellings and to have a detoxifying effect. It also can be helpful to lose weight, to work against migraine and to bring the hormone system into balance.



Root chakra


Schorpioen, Boogschutter, Steenbok


November, December, January



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