Charoite, Labradorite and Smoky Quartz Necklace



Charoite beads 10 mm

Labradorite beads 8 mm

Smoky Quartz beads 12 mm

Steel-coated jewellery wire

Silver plated Hook clasp

2 silver plated jewellery findings

Length:  47 cm



Charoite, Labradorite and Smoky Quartz Necklace


Composed of:

  • 12 round Charoite beads 10 mm
  • 22 round Labradorite beads 8 mm
  • 11 faceted Smoky Quartz beads 12 mm
  • Steel-coated jewellery wire
  • Silver plated Hook clasp
  • 2 silver plated jewellery findings

Length:  47 cm




Meaning and healing


Charoite gives drive and stamina. It provides energy to realize your ideas and reinforces the power to change the world according to one’s wishes. It enhances a conscious approach of your undertakings. Charoite is a very good stone for bringing spiritual and material practices into balance and works against the tendency for escapism. As it helps to know your self and clearly understand your own wishes, it allows you to reduce psychological obstacles and to start taking the appropriate action. Because it stimulates stamina and charisma it’s adequate for creative professions. It’s also useful for business people as it helps to foresee the projects that ‘ll be successful and yield profits. Charoite is helpful to discover your own talents and achieve results. It gives good luck and fortune in all aspects of life, including blind intuition in lottery, casino or even to draw the fortunate questions in an examination.

On a physical level, Charoite is supposed to work against nervousness, insomnia and mental disorder and is helpful to alleviate the symptoms of gastritis, ulcer and heart illnesses. It stimulates the functioning of the liver and kidneys so it also has a detoxifying effect.




The name comes from the Labrador peninsula (Canada) where it was first discovered.

Meaning and healing

Labradorite helps to awaken natural qualities. It opens resources that enable to change the outside world according to our own wishes. According to the legend, the descendants of the extinct civilisation of Hyperborea brought this holy stone to the humans. They considered it as a link and access to greater knowledge of this world. Labradorite improves your intuition. Indeed, it makes connection to the information field of the earth. It’s the stone of insight. Therefore it is fitted for those who exercise spiritual practices such as yoga, reiki, tarot. This stone stimulates meditation and introspection. As a result, it protects us from our own mistakes and wrong thinking due to unjustified doubts. Similarly it helps against low self esteem, fears and inconsiderate actions. It is also a protective stone against situations that make us lose our energy. For instance lasting conflicts and hate.

On a physical level, Labradorite works against headaches and dizziness. It is helpful for relaxation. Moreover it improves sight, especially night vision.


Smoky Quartz


This gemstone is also called Smoky Crystal


Meaning and healing

Smoky quartz purifies body and mind and is effective against stagnation on a physical and emotional level. It takes away negative emotions and regrets, improves consciousness and releases from negative personal traits and bad habits.

On a mental level, smoky quartz helps against nervousness, hyperactivity and bustling.

On a physical level, it is said to work against inflammations and swellings and to have a detoxifying effect. It also can be helpful to lose weight, to work against migraine and to bring the hormone system into balance.




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