Turquoise Necklace


Natural Turquoise (stabilized) round beads 10 mm
Copper jewelry findings
Copper-coated jewelry wire
Copper hook clasp

Length: 48 cm

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Natural Turquoise (stabilized) Round Beads 10 mm

Copper jewelry wire

Length: 48 cm



Turquoise (from Persian “Firuse” – “stone of happiness”, or pirus – “winning”) is one of the most popular semi-precious stones since ancient times.


Meaning and healing

Turquoise and chrysocolla have a very good effect on both spontaneous and prepared eloquence. They help to control the audience and keep the audience in touch. Therefore, these two stones are very useful for people whose profession is connected with communication. Turquoise and chrysocolla help to forward not only information, but also the personal experience that makes speech more understandable, interesting and therefore charismatic. These stones give confidence in communication, help to cope with shyness and to find the right words, correct intonation, correct expression of the face, in short, everything necessary to make a good impression on the audience.

Chrysocolla and turquoise increase the emotional charm and attractiveness. Wearing one of these stones will never go unnoticed.

Chrysocolla and turquoise bring happiness and self-confidence as well as material wealth. They help to earn money through self-realization. These stones are good for people whose business is connected with some creativity, art.

At a physical level, these stones are good for vision, breathing organs (asthma attacks are facilitated), calm the nerves, and have a good effect on reproductive organs (help to conceive and bear pregnancy).



Pearls are biogenic solid, rounded or irregularly shaped forms extracted from the shells of some marine and river molluscs. They occur in different colours:  white, yellowish, silver, golden, cream, blue, green, black, grey or pink and their transparency goes from translucent to opaque. According to the modern nomenclature of minerals approved by MMA, pearls do not belong to the minerals, but they contain the mineral aragonite in their composition.


Meaning and healing

Pearl is stone of purity and sensitivity. It helps to relax, support emotional harmonization and provides integrity and enjoyment. Pearl gives gracefulness and emphasizes the best character traits. It is stone of peace and tranquillity.

On a physical level, pearls are used a lot in cosmetics. They are added to creams and serums because they have whitening and hydrating effect. Wearing a pearl necklace not only makes you visually nice and shining, but through its contact with the human skin it also gives a rejuvenation effect.  Pearls are used as well in classical medicine because they contain lots of calcium and amino acids. They have moreover wound healing properties, are helpful against eye diseases and they alleviate the symptoms of cataract (eye drops). Pearls are assumed to put the hormone system into balance and to be a strong aphrodisiac.



There are red & green garnet gemstones.

Meaning and healing

Garnet is a very strong energizer. Here we are talking about red and green garnet. Red garnet gives a very strong wave of energy for immediate action and results, whereas green garnet provides soft and durable energy that is useful for long lasting projects. Garnet makes us materialize our ideas and plans. It incites us to act. It’s a stone of transformation and enables breaking through stagnation. Garnet helps us not only to take decisions but also to realize what has been decided. It’s also a stone of charisma and self esteem. Because of these characteristics it will help independent professions, such as actors, creative persons, businessmen, etc. in obtaining fame, money and prosperity.


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