7 – 7.5


Mined in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, China, Brazil, India, USA, Canada, Italy, Switzerland and Russia.

Polychromatic tourmaline


Green, pink, yellow, blue and transparent


Balance Yin Yang • Consciousness • Tolerance • Love • Tenderness

Meaning and healing

The balance between Yin and Yang ensures a good connection between body and mind, which means emotional stability. Tourmaline enhances tolerance for yourself and others and keeps you attentive to the inner world of others and to the outside world. If problems arise, it helps not to get into panic but to resolve them quietly and smoothly.

Polychromatic tourmaline develops the capacity to enjoy life and to experience happiness. This stone helps to love your self and to be loved and is very helpful for relationships in good and bad moments, for example, to reconcile and find the right compromise that leaves no bitter taste after a quarrel.  In general, tourmaline helps to avoid conflict situations that drain away our vital energy.

 On a physical level, tourmaline is a stone that has been used in classical medicine and cosmetics due to its regenerative effect on skin cells and as an antiseptic for wound healing. It has in general a stimulating effect on the skin texture and keeps the skin young. Tourmaline diffuses negative ions that are beneficial for health and work as an antioxidant. It also sharpens our sense of smell and enhances the effects of medication. It stimulates hormone production, libido, potency, fertility and supports carrying pregnancy.


Heart chakra and Solar Plexus

Black tourmaline


Transformation • Purification • Protection

Meaning and healing

Black tourmaline is mainly known for its capacity to transform negative energy into positive energy. Through meditation with black tourmaline it’s possible to unlock psychological blockages due to bad or traumatic experiences. Shorl cleans the mind from negative thinking, addictions and unwanted sentiments, affections and connections. Black Tourmaline reduces acute stress, prevents from getting too involved in another’s emotions and works against obsessions.

On a physical level, black tourmaline is also used in classical medicine and has mostly the same properties as polychromatic tourmaline, such as diffusing negative ions, antiseptic properties, positive effects on cells metabolism. It has a positive influence on the immune system, a detoxifying effect on kidneys and liver and works against infections.


Root chakra