Heart chakra


From transparent to opaque, you will most often find an opaque variety of pink with black veins.


Manganese oxide (MOO) 30-46%, iron oxide (FeO) 2-12%, calcium oxide (CaO) 4-6.5%, silicon dioxide (SiO2) 45-48%. FeO may be present as impurities, as well as alkaline metals and Al2O3 in small quantities.


5.5 – 6.5


The main deposits are mined in the Urals, and you can also find rhodonite in the United States.


Care • Warmth • Love • Grounding • Stability

Meaning and healing

The energy of rhodonite is related to the ability to love and be loved in the earthly sense of the word. In other words, it is the stone of grounded love. Rhodonite helps to convert love-emotion into its practical manifestation, first of all, into care. It’s a wonderful stone for a couple’s relationship, as it helps to concentrate on the little things – to guess the desire of the loved one, to make him/her feel good. Rhodonite helps to relax, relieves from stress, creates a sense of peace, comfort and safety. The stone supports the integration of spiritual practices into everyday life, develops healthy practicality in a person, as well as the ability to spend resources intelligently. This is a stone of stability and balance, providing the ability to enjoy what is already there. Rhodonite will help to find the application of one’s talents in practical terms. It’s a good assistant to those who want to earn money by creativity and implementing ideas. Rhodonite gives a wish to play sports and eat properly.

At the physical level, this stone works on allergies, heals stress and fatigue, and helps against headaches. Rhodonite improves digestion, regulates appetite, and accordingly contributes to weight loss. It helps cleansing the liver and removing toxins from the body.