Red Jasper and Leopard Skin Jasper (Rhyolite)


Root chakra


Red Jasper = Leo, Virgo, Scorpio
Leopard Skin Jasper = Capricorn, Gemini


Red Jasper = March, October, November, December
Leopard Skin Jasper = January, May, June


The real Jasper gemstone is called Red Jasper, whereas Leopard Skin Jasper or Rhyolite is a volcanic rock similar in its chemistry to granite. However, both stones have very similar properties that you‘ll find in the description hereunder.


SiO2; ; Ai203; Fe304, etc.




Mined in Russia (Ural), France, USA and India


Strength • Stability • Protection • Grounding • Health • Stamina

Meaning and healing
Red Jasper

Red Jasper provides a strong wave of energy and gives an impulse to start projects. It counteracts our tendencies to postpone, to procrastinate what’s necessary to done. It’s the stone of due diligence and commitment. Its qualities are especially suited for businessmen, sportsmen and people who have to make things move.

This stone represents leader qualities, charisma, honesty and directness. It helps to strengthen the connections with one’s roots, family and ancestors so as improve their support.

On a physical level, red jasper is the stone of beauty and sexuality. It works favorably on libido and fertility and supports pregnancy. It also has a positive effect on the blood circulation and the metabolic rate. 

Leopard Skin Jasper (Rhyolite)

Leopard Skin Jasper provides a stabilizing and quiet energy for long-term projects of your liking. It optimizes and regulates your energy and efforts, avoiding excess in order to bring them to a successful end result. It helps to bring work and effort into equilibrium and to earn money by turning your favourite activities and hobbies into a real business on a professional level.

Leopard Skin Jasper stimulates healthy activities, fitness or sports and also improves the contact with your pets. It works against inflammation and strengthens the immune system.