Heart chakra

3.5 - 4
Mined in Russia (Ural), Congo, Zaire
Emotional freedom • Transformation • Courage • Resolve • Action • Grounding • Self-realization • Protection
Meaning and healing
Malachite is the stone of extraversion and extravagance. It strongly stimulates self-realization and helps to discover your own talents and to bring them alive. It has a protective effect, especially on an emotional level, cleaning the energy and returning negative messages back to the sender. It’s traditionally the stone of protection against the “evil eye” and represents the will, resolve and vital action. The stone is said to improve the physical condition and the capacities for handcraft and is especially fitted for visual creators. Its grounding capability stimulates money earning in visual artistic businesses. It incites interest for acquiring new knowledge, stimulates acumen and speeds up the thinking processes. On a physical level, malachite is the stone of sexuality. It increases libido, fertility and supports pregnancy and the process of giving birth. This stone is also beneficial for the hormone production and the heart condition, thus very good for sportsmen and sportswomen. It can also be helpful in case of respiratory illnesses, asthma and (dust) allergies.