Leo, Pisces


February, March, August


Blue, dark blue, light blue, greenish blue, white




5.5 – 6


Larimar is found only in two places on our planet – on the Barahona Peninsula in the Dominican Republic and in the area of Fitta near Soave in Italy.


Serenity • Pacification • Relaxation

Meaning and healing

Larimar can help to relax and get rid of guilt, resentment or any internal tension. The stone gives you the ability to be in contact with your emotions and to learn how to manage them. It helps to admit your mistakes, but not be heavy with guilt. Larimar is the stone of communication. It supports communication with other people in difficult situations and helps to find a common language, to avoid conflicts, to remove unnecessary fuss and excessive activity. Larimar is very good for meditation and reflection. It disposes towards inner silence, contemplation, and helps to go deep into yourself. Larimar is also a good stone for home, relationships with family and children. It is able to create a zone of comfort and tranquility.

On a physical level, it has a good effect on the nervous system, relieves stress, headache and insomnia. Helps with nervous skin diseases. Strengthens the spine and bones.