Solar Plexus


NaAISi308 CaAI2Si208


6 – 6.5


Mined in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Madagascar, Ukraine, Finland, India, Australia.


Self-knowledge • Inner resources • Intuition • Magic • Connection with sub consciousness • Protection

Meaning and healing

The name comes from the Labrador peninsula (Canada) where it was first discovered. Labradorite helps to awaken natural qualities, opening resources that enable to change the outside world according to our own wishes. According to the legend, the descendants of the extinct civilisation of Hyperborea brought this holy stone to the humans as a link and access to greater knowledge of this world. Labradorite improves your intuition and makes connection to the information field of the earth. It’s the stone of insight. It is fitted for those who exercise spiritual practices such as yoga, reiki, tarot and stimulates meditation and introspection. Labradorite protects us from our own mistakes and wrong thinking due to unjustified doubts, low self esteem, fears and inconsiderate actions. It is also a protective stone against situations that make us lose our energy, for example lasting conflicts and hate.

On a physical level, Labradorite works against headaches, dizziness and is helpful for relaxation. It improves sight, especially night vision.