Throat Chakra


Aries, Taurus, Libra 


April, May, October


AI20 (Si04)


4 – 7


Mined in Burma, Brazil, USA, Kenya, India, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Russia.


Information Flow • Intuition • Meditation • Wisdom • Depth

Meaning and healing

Kyanite provides the possibility to gather information directly from the universe. It’s the stone of the information flow and deep immersion into meditation or prayer. Kyanite helps to penetrate profoundly into your self and into the world, makes the bridge between the inner and outer world and improves the capability to be honest to yourself and to understand your real wishes and intentions and those of other people. It’s ideal for people with a profession directed towards the world such as teachers, lawyers, politicians, etc.

Kyanite helps to clarify the thoughts a to take the right decisions, especially in difficult situations. It’s a support in the struggle against bad thoughts and bad habits.

On a physical level, kyanite works against stress, nervousness, tiredness and insomnia. It’s also good for the cells metabolism and illnesses of kidneys and bladder.