Red garnet: root chakra
Green garnet: solar plexus and heart chakra


Red & green garnet


X3Y2 (SiO4)3


6.5 – 7


Green garnet: Mined in Madagascar, Brazil, USA, Canada, Russia


Energy • Manifestation • Expression • Fulfilment • Sexuality

Meaning and healing

Garnet is a very strong energizer. Here we are talking about red and green garnet. Red garnet gives a very strong wave of energy for immediate action and results, whereas green garnet provides soft and durable energy that is useful for long lasting projects. Garnet makes us materialize our ideas and plans. It incites us to act. It’s a stone of transformation and enables breaking through stagnation. Garnet helps us not only to take decisions but also to realize what has been decided. It’s also a stone of charisma and self esteem. Because of these characteristics it will help independent professions, such as actors, creative persons, businessmen, etc. in obtaining fame, money and prosperity.


On a physical level, garnet enhances physical enjoyments such as food, drinks, sex. It’s a stone of love and passion, fitted for practices at the low chakras e.g. kundalini, tantra, etc. Garnet stimulates hormonal production, potency, libido and fertility, works positively on memory, concentration and strengthens the heart function (green garnet).