Clear Quartz


Crown chakra


All zodiac signs


Also called Mountain Crystal


Clear quartz is one of the most common gemstones on our planet and is mined in many places all over the world.


Transparency • Transformation • Balance

Meaning and healing

Clear quartz helps to start life with a clean sheet (tabula rasa). We need clear quartz when important changes happen or when we want to realize some changes in our life. This stone improves our contact with reality. It’s a stone of clarity and transformation. The mountain crystal assists in purifying and getting rid of things that disturb us, in order to become more in harmony with the outside world.

Clear quartz enhances the characteristics of other stones when combined in a piece of jewellery. It enables gathering of information and makes it easier to program the achievement of your goals.

On a physical level mountain crystal can help to recover from illness and to bring the body into balance. It is said to help also against migraine and toothache and to reinforce the immune system.