Carnelian and Red Agate


Sacral Chakra


Leo, Virgo


July, August, September


Carnelian and red agate have very similar physical and metaphysical properties. Actually carnelian is a kind of red agate but it is more transparent and has no strips what is typical for all agates.




6.5 – 7


Mined in India, Madagascar, USA and Russia


Energy • Warmth • Motivation

Meaning and healing

Carnelian boosts the mood and gives a stream of positive energy. It helps to motivate while doing routine work but also stimulates for discovering new things. It’s a stone of vitality and sexuality, gives drive and courage and creates an environment of cheerfulness. Carnelian provides charisma and makes a person attractive on the outside and inside, increases one’s self-esteem and works against jealousy and envy. It helps to drop old habits and to open your self for new insights. It’s beneficial for self-identification and thus for self-realization.

On a physical level, Carnelian supports the detoxification of the organism, works against inflammation, infections, colds and viruses. It can also help to recover after illness and has a positive effect on libido, potency and fertility.