Black agate and black onyx

Sacral chakra and root chakra


Black Agate is a 100% natural black gemstone with white, banded patterns. ‘Black onyx’ is the commercial name of a chalcedony stone painted black. Because both stones have the same meanings and properties, they are treated in one chapter.




6.5 – 7


Mined in Africa, South-America and Poland


Focus of attention • Concentration • Protection • Grounding • Attention management • Self-monitoring

Meaning and healing

Black agate and black onyx can help to focus concentration at the moment when it’s needed and to eliminate all distracting thoughts. They support the management of concentration, giving attention to the details and enhancing perseverance and self-discipline. So they help to achieve the intended goals.


On a physical level, they work favourably on the sense of hearing and support the musical ear. They also improve the motoric skills of the hands, have a detoxifying effect and help to lose weight.