Third eye and throat chakra


Gemini, Libra


May, June, September, October


Sa5[PO4]3(F, Cl, OH)


White, green, blue-green, blue, purple, rarely red


5 – 5.5


Mined in Russia, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Chile, South Africa, Finland, Spain, Norway and other parts of the world


Sense of proportion • Balance Reasonableness • Creativity • Inspiration • New opportunities

Meaning and healing

Apatite adds variety, new possibilities, new ideas, creates a balance between extraversion and introversion. This stone is good for creative problem solving; it activates intuition and helps not to make hasty decisions. Apatite will help to overcome the fear that something will not work, will add confidence in the beginnings. Apatite reduces irritability and relaxes at the mental and physical level. Very good for rest, meditation and spiritual practices; creates a state of flow.

 On the physical level it will help if you are on a diet, as it reduces appetite and creates a sense of proportion in the food, respectively contributes to weight loss. Apatite is a good stone for the spine, bones and teeth. Promotes fertility and healthy development of the foetus.