Libra, Gemini, Taurus, Virgo


May, June, September, October


Is a thin-fiber chalcedony unit with a layered texture and striped color distribution. Jewelers also call agate the varieties of chalcedony without explicit layering, but with different inclusions that create a pattern (for example, wood agate). Agate is semi-transparent or opaque and can have almost any colour.




6.5 – 7


Agathe is obtained almost all over the world.


Grounding • Adaptation • Integrity • Flexibility • Softness

Meaning and healing

Agate is a very soft stone. To some extent, it can be called a woman’s stone. This stone is excellent for the family, home, birth and the upbringing of children. Agate gives internal flexibility, smoothens conflicts and helps not to start quarrels. It promotes emotional harmony, especially in the family and with loved ones. Agate also helps to quickly adapt to new set-ups, new lifestyles, and to create a feeling of comfort and friendliness. The agate stone is grounding and connects us to nature and animal life. If there are pets in the house, agate will contribute to a better understanding with them. Agate helps you accept yourself and others as they are. It’s a stone of integrity and naturalness.

Properties by colour

Blue lace agate (Throat chakra) gives relaxation, soothes the nervous system, relieves stress, relieves skin diseases.

Pink agate (Heart chakra), grey agate and white agate (Crown chakra) develop psychological flexibility and add vitality and altruism. Pink agate has a very good effect on the skin and cell regeneration.

Green and woody agate (Sacral chakra, Root chakra) help to find a connection with the family, stimulate internal resources and help to get rid of doubts and internal disorientation. They give grounding and connection with nature.


The general properties of agate at the physical level: 

Agate helps to relax physically and emotionally and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. It normalizes metabolism and helps the body to assimilate nutrients