The Energy of the Gemstones – What’s it about? 

What brings people, animals, plants and stones together? It would seem like nothing… But in fact, we’re all related. We’re all made of earthly material. We all appeared on this planet, we’re part of it. And we definitely have a clear influence on each other.

Stone is usually considered as a part of inanimate nature. In fact, natural stones are born, undergo various changes, turning into other minerals and rocks.

The energy information approach suggests that there are energy information fields around all objects of the universe. Colossal energy is absorbed by the process of crystallization – the birth of a crystal. 

Back in ancient times our ancestors noticed the unique and extraordinary properties of natural stone – the most amazing of all elements of the earth. They endowed the stones with mysterious healing properties and believed that those stones have a vibrant energy that helps to fulfill desires, protect from trouble and evil forces, envy and other troubles. In addition, they believed in the ability of natural stones to directly affect the fate and health of human beings.

Each natural stone is unique. It carries in itself a mighty energy, which, interacting with a human individual can have a positive impact, bring harmony into his life, evenly distributing energy in different areas. Due to its properties, the energy of the stones is able to relieve tension, relieve stress and protect from negative influences, restore harmony between the soul and body. 

Holding a beautiful stone in your hands, you can come to peace of mind, tune yourself to the best, cure an illness or add energy. Entering into a state of meditation with a stone, you can get an invaluable experience of getting into amazing states, travel in the space of dreams, understand your true desires, your destiny, feel Love, Balance, Calmness. 

Natural stones are truly amazing. Born on earth, they are polished with natural water, eroded by sunshine and wind. You could say that they are pure natural sources of energy from the earth, the sun and the cosmos… Natural stones are a kind of energy accumulators, which are not only able to save, but also to accumulate their potential, giving it at the right moment to its owner. 

On my website you can reed about the characteristics and properties of different stones. I talk about stones mainly based on my personal experience, not neglecting scientific, historical, as well as metaphysical and astrological information. 

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